Our specialty colored mulches are  enhanced with a non-toxic, biodegradable pigment that allows the chosen colors to stand out against any competition. The sharp tone contrasts brilliantly with green hues. Our specialty mulches are 100% pure pine log, unlike other mulches which may contain pressure treated lumber that has been linked to arsenic poisoning. 

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Our Core Business

Professional Labor

Mulch Varieties

  • Clean and professional with uniforms.
  • Multiple crews of twelve workers with one project
  • Proper management throughout a job
  • Jobs completed in days rather than weeks
  • Each crew can spread 2,500 bales of pinestraw and 2,200 3-cubic feet bags of mulch (240 yards) daily

We spread pinestraw and any type or color of bagged mulch to suit your preference. Our superior quality products are purchased in bulk at wholesale rates providing additional economic savings. 

  • We work diligently to work to meet your specific deadline.
  • Orders are taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • We have over 200 trailers which are left for dry storage at no additional charge
  • Confidence your job will be done right to maximize impact for your members, homeowners, and customers


Ideal for blocking weeds in flower beds, pinestraw is used to save time, money, and labor. Achieve a clean, modern look with consistent bales of pinestraw that include a natural reddish coloration. Pinestraw is outstanding for a natural presentation used in golf courses, communities, and roadways.


     Value Added          Extras          

  • All beds are stick edged to ensure a clean finished look.
  • All hard edges are shovel tucked along sidewalks and curbs
  • Bale and bag counts are taken per golf hole or area to ensure accurate billing